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Expressing Sympathy and Condolences, PPWI Makes a Courtesy Call to the Russian Embassy

JAKARTA.BM- General Chairperson of the Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association, Wilson Lalengke, along with his staff made a courtesy call to the Russian Embassy in Jakarta, Wednesday, March 27 2024. The PPWI visit was welcomed by the Deputy Chief of Mission, Her Excellency Madam Veronika Novoseltseva, Ph.D. Please have in mind that Madam Veronika Novoseltseva is currently serving as Acting Ambassador ahead of the replacement of the new Russian Ambassador to Indonesia.

PPWI made this courtesy call to Russian Embassy collaborated with the President of the First Union Association from Lebanon, Dr. Abdul Rahman Salem Dabboussi. Apart from that, some of PPWI members also attended, namely Deputy Secretary General Julian Caisar, Treasurer Winarsih Lalengke, and secretariat staff Ferlisan Tabanci. Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy was present along with Madam Veronika Novoseltseva, Russian Embassy attaché, HE. Mr Anton Tikhomirov.

On this occasion, the Russian Ambassador expressed his thanks and appreciation for the PPWI and Firsts Union courtesy call to his office. The visiting team got explanations regarding various matters, including the recent attack on civilians by a number of suspected terrorists at Crocus City Hall, Moscow. Responding to this, the Chairman of PPWI said that this was one of the main objectives of the PPWI and Firsts Union teams visiting the Embassy, to show their deep sympathy and condolences for the humanitarian tragedy occurred in Vladimir Putin's country.

"On behalf of the Association of Indonesian Citizen Journalists, I express my sympathy, deep condolences for the humanitarian tragedy that occurred in Moscow recently. We strongly condemn the brutal and inhumane acts carried out by irresponsible parties. PPWI stands with the Russian people in responding to this heart-breaking incident," said Wilson Lalengke to the Russian Ambassador, Madam Veronika Novoseltseva.

Another topic that emerged at the meeting was the very close relationship between Indonesia and Russia since the struggle era, continuing from the beginning of independence until now. "We hope that the good relations that have been built for almost a hundred years will not fade away and will even be stronger in the future," said the Ambassador in very fluent Indonesian.

To develop good and closer relations, both parties agreed to organize several programs, such as publication and insemination of information from the Russian Embassy to the Indonesian people through PPWI Media Group and other networks. Also, PPWI will support the Embassy in screening documentary films related to Indonesia-Russia relations from time to time produced by the Russian Embassy.

Apart from that, PPWI together with Firsts Union will organize an Indonesian-Russian historical literacy program through various forms of activities such as writing competitions on the theme of relations between the two nations, exhibitions and arts-cultural performances, as well as participating in ceremonial events for the Russian Embassy and Consul General in Indonesia. Ambassador Madam Veronika Novoseltseva really appreciates and supports this kind of program in order to remind the next generation of the two nations about the good relations that have existed over the years.

The approximately one-hour meeting took place warmly, intimately, and full of brotherhood spirit. PPWI and its partner Firsts Union gave a Certificate of Appreciation to the Russian Ambassador which then ended with photo session. Before leaving, the Chairman of PPWI took the time to give a press statement regarding his support for the Russian nation, also wrote it in a memory book provided by Russian Embassy staff. (APL/Ed)

PPWI press statement video

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